bring rock to burrow

Who am i?

I’m new to DJing in Second Life. Completely new. I’m learning everything as I go and hope to continue to learn and grow more every time I hit the stage. I love to bring bands I know people love and maybe some they’ve never heard of. Nothing ever beats the rush of hearing a song you love or that new sound that just strikes a chord deep in your soul. I love those feelings.

I DJ for the crowd. Seeing people into what I’m playing or what I’m doing drives my energy. If the crowd is feeling it I know I am doing my job well. I love rocking with my people.


where am i?

You can find me at Burrow Company. See my events page for specific dates and times.


the dj lucky spiritor team (LeT’s be real they’re my family)


I would like to acknowledge my fiancee Aria Christen and brother-in-law Chance Nova for finally pushing me into trying this. Years back I hosted for my brother Brennan Reinerman but never had the balls to get up there and DJ, let alone speak on mic to people. I should have done it sooner, but we all start somewhere right?

Aria Christen is a landscaper, decorator and blogger in Second Life™ (& also a recovering donut addict). Aria has a fondness for the color purple, and foxes.  Be warned though!  She’s a real sass machine, and has no problem banning troublemakers.

aria christen

Burrow GM/Hostess


Chance is an audiophile who has been a real life and virtual DJ for over two decades. He is featured in Second Life™ exclusively at the Burrow Coffee & Whiskey Co. and its former iterations.

chance nova

Burrow DJ