who the hell am i?

lucky spiritor

Hello! I’m Lucky Spiritor (Lucky Conundrum) thanks for taking a few moments to wonder about who I am. I have been a Second Life™ member since July of 2009. My original avatar has long since been retired and I have been active on this one off and on since August 16, 2011. I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything in my time on the grid. I recently took doing the one thing I hadn’t done and that is DJing.

I’m new to DJing in Second Life™. Completely new. I’m learning everything as I go and hope to continue to learn and grow more every time I hit the stage. I love to bring bands I know people love and maybe some they’ve never heard of. Nothing ever beats the rush of hearing a song you love or that new sound that just strikes a chord deep in your soul. I love those feelings.

I DJ for the crowd. Seeing people into what I’m playing or what I’m doing drives my energy. If the crowd is feeling it I know I am doing my job well. I love rocking with my people.

You can find me every other Saturday at Burrow Company. You can check out my events page for more info on previous events/setlists as well as upcoming events.

Second Life™: Lucky Conundrum
Facebook: Lucky Spiritor
DJ Facebook: DJ Lucky Spiritor
Flickr: Lucky Spiritor
Email: luckyspiritor@gmail.com
Battle.Net: Lelantis#2468 (I am Alliance (NA) on Proudmoore)
Discord: Lel#2468

You can also reach me via the Contact page